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Image"Meditation is something which can always be further developed. It has no boundaries, of width or height or depth. Aided by such instruction and example as we can find, it is essentially an individual adventure, something which each one of us works out in his own way. But its object is always the same: to improve our conscious contact with God, with His grace, wisdom and love.

Bill Wilson

Our Gratitude to the Hazelden Foundation for their "Daily Meditations on Spirituality in Recovery", specifically "In God's Care, as we understand God".

In this book, are quotes for daily meditation and contemplation using lessons from A Course in Miracles. The ACIM quotes are followed by the Hazelden writings: 
"True denial is a powerful protective device." ACIM

"Denial has gotten a bad reputation in recovery circles. One of the greatest obstacles to recovery from addiction is denial. Who would seek help for an illness that doesn't exist? Many of us resisted help, suffered needlessly, and caused others to suffer while we went on denying that anything was wrong."
Image"To give and to receive are one in truth." ACIM

"Giving our love away, honoring someone in need by giving our full attention, will usually bring kindness and concern in return. And unkindness and neglect on our part are likely to result in the same from others. We will usually elicit that which we've so thoughtfully or thoughtlessly given."
"Truth will correct all errors in our minds." ACIM

"The profound inner truth of our life is that we have a lifelong partnership with God. As we strengthen our awareness of this constant, love-filled presence, we'll be less able to cloud our mind with critical thoughts. Any thought we choose to hold that is not blessing someone harms us as much as the other person. Returning our thoughts to God, even when our ego is struggling to think mean thoughts, will release us from the bondage of negativity."

"Do not be afraid of the ego. It depends on your mind, and as you make it by believing in it, so you can dispel it by withdrawing belief from it." ACIM

"We have a choice. We can listen to the voice of our ego, or the voice of God. How can we tell the difference? By how we feel. The ego's urgings always leave us with some misgivings. God's guidance assures us."