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Miracles Prisoner Ministry – A Way Out

For all those who have any doubt.

It all starts from your brain,

Accepting responsibility only you are the blame

God makes everything perfect,

You chose to feel that way instead of just letting

God work it.

Now I guess you’re wondering how?

Forget the past and the future only live for the now !

Everything becomes a constant prayer,

Before you choose – choose again only consulting with

The Man upstairs.

If you’re thinking of God every moment,

You can’t go wrong and you’ll never disappoint Him.

So quit trying to be in control

Learn to let go and let God lead you down Peace Road.

~James T. N.C.I., Caldwell Ohio (May, 2008)




In Life’s classroom
We are but Students
Our bodies nourished by
Water and sunlight,
Our minds nourished by
That which we NEED
To truly grow – thrive:
Love and friendships __
Connections that we make:
Family, friends – our pets
The stranger that we meet,
It’s these by which we flower
Bear fruit that ripens sweet
Worthy, to be served – Eaten
At God’s table. -Derrick, NY


I am the one star that keep’s burning so brightly.
It is the last light to fade into the rising sun.
Remember, I will be here, as long as you hold me in your  heart and memories.
Remember, I’ll never leave you.
As long as you hold me in your memory, I Live Forever.

K. Rood, Dodge Correctional

 In Jail with Jesus

ImageAlone one night

In shame and despair

I looked for my help

But no one was there,

No future...but prison

No past...but pain

I looked in the mirror

My tears...the rain

By justice condemned

In time to die

My only hope God's Mercy

For his grace I cry...

Then a seed planted

Somewhere long ago

In the midst of my sorrows

Began to grow...

This seed was Christ

Who died for me

In jail with Jesus

I am set free...

No longer in the hell

Of my sinful ways

He has made me a new person

Who loves and prays

Though seasons come

And holidays pass

In jail with Jesus

My hope does last...

So, I do share

With you my friend

In jail with Jesus

It's not the end!



by Harold K.

Why are we lonely,
when we are not alone,
when there is nothing to atone.

Why can't we find the love
that is our origin.

The Answer lies within.

My friend, the answer lies within.

 My Frail Old Angel

One night I had a dream. It left a tale to tell
I dreamed I saw an angel, poor thing, He wasn't well
His body was bruised and battered, His wings ripped and torn
I saw he could barely walk, he looked so tired and worn
I walked right up and asked him, "How can this be?"
He turned and paused a bit, these words he spoke to me:
"I am your guardian angel, a giant task, as you can see
You've run amuck all your life, look what you've done to me
These bruises are from shielding you, in times of dire ill
The drugs you used so dangerously, I've paid for that bill
My wings you see are ripped and torn, a noble badge I bear
So many times they've flown for you, from evils unaware
Each mark has it's own story, of deadly wounds destroyed
You've made me wish more times than one, that I was unemployed
If only you could make it, standing on your own
Please don't fret or worry, you are never left alone
I am here to watch over you, until my powers fail
But always try to remember, I am getting old and frail"
I could barely believe what I had seen, let alone how much He cared
I wept on His broad shoulders, and left Him in despair
When I looked at myself the next morning, I pondered
"Why should I try?"
Then, distantly, I thought I heard
A Frail Old Angel Cry

Dedicated to Rev. Joan and MPM, with lots of love……..Kenny


A smile is worth a million bucks
It brightens up a day
I miss your smile so very much
And thought I ought to say.

Your smiling face is in my heart
And always on my mind
You're all a kid could ever be
Unique, one of a kind.

Your smile can make my spirits soar
Bring music to my heart
It warms me to my very soul
Through miles we are apart.

So smile, my child, bring joy to me
And all the hearts you toch
Remember always smile my dear
A smile can mean so much !!!

A poem to my daughter..David M., CA

Thoughts on friendship,

Faygie F.,  Tamms, IL.
"There are many people that we meet in our lives,
but only a few will make a lasting impression
on our minds and hearts.
It is these people that we will think of often
And who will always remain important to
Us as True Friends."

"Take time to plant seeds of hope
in the hearts of those around you."

"Our lives are defined by the choices we make.
Listen to the voice of your heart."

"The sign of true friendship is that it takes
us by the hands and reminds us we are not
alone in the journey." 

All the wrong Places

"I searched for happiness in all the wrong places
I thought money, sex and drugs would fill all the emptiness in my soul
But all it did was create a bigger hole.
Short term pleasures I sought to numb the pain.
But I found myself caught up in addiction bound by chains.
I tried many times to break myself free.
But no matter what I tried I still felt empty
Wallowing deep in self pity, crying the why ME's
Angry at God for this life he gave me
Tired of this pain I felt deep down inside
The only relief I thought was to lay down and die
Then one day, contemplating suicide
I felt a strong presence- it was God by my side
I dropped to the ground and in a loud voice I cried
"Help me Lord"- then I heard his reply
"Rise my son for you are a chosen one
I have a purpose for you until my kingdom comes
You had to suffer and go through some pain
To soften you up and rebuilt you again
I watched you going through some trying times
It helped you break down that wall of pride
Now that joy you seek is deep inside
Seek me first and all else I'll provide"
Now that void I felt is filled
Love and joy is what I feel.
Thank you God from up above
Help me spread this gift called Love."



"Beyond These Walls…"

It doesn't matter where you're been,
Or what you've done before…
God's Grace is there to see you through,
To the plans he has in store.

Hope is in your future, no matter what lies
In your past…
God's mercy is sufficient, and his love
Will surely last.

Don't feel that you're not worthy to receive
God's precious love he sent his child to
Save you he adores you from above.

Oh, how happy is the moment,
How special is the day…
When you know without exception that
God loves you all the way.

Michael O., AZ State Prison


Carry me upon your Soul

Hold me close to make me whole,

Gather me beneath your wings,

Speak to me of tender things,

Lift my heart up with your love,

Shower blessings from above,

Be my light when darkness reigns,

Relief for sorrows and for pains,

Bless my life with peace and joy,

Abundant life may I enjoy.


"In A Minefield"

I try to move forward, but my life is put on hold, for the sake of a substance, My freedom is sold.
The feel of soft grass, the sun rays on my face all but a memory, a thought displaced.
Confinement in darkness and time etched in stone.
I'm surrounded by faces but still so alone.
Overwhelmed and confused but I must keep on living.
I stand fast in the faith that my God is forgiving.
I open my soul to the cold and the rain, as I shut out the demons of heartache and pain.
I uproot all my IDOLS and search for the Truth, a Slave of my passions not innocent youth.
Ghosts in my past so I sift them through dreams.
While I spring forth from life in my chambray in jeans.
A smile from a frown to a cold blooded stare.
A mask of indifference we equally share.
Tears escape from my eyes as I kneel down to pray, as my family and friends are taken away.
Whenever I sin I keep on confessing, I'm cleansed by His blood and inherit His blessings.
Now I have Christ in my heart, not a spirit of fear, in a minefield I crawl, but my conscience is clear...

Mike O.
Arizona State Prison


The sky is full of clouds, the stars hide behind them all,
I look to the moon, and suddenly it begins to fall,
The clouds burst open, and there's a blinding Light,
And from the heavens comes a Lordly Knight,
With his robe so bright, you can't look upon him with your eyes,
"Save us our Lord Jesus Christ", are the peoples cries;
Peace, Love and Kindness are the things of which He speaks,
And the children of His Father are the people of whom He seeks;
But, Lo, Lucifer and his armies, stand hand and hand,
Together they will try to defeat the "Son of Man",
They will try very hard to take the Lord's heavenly seat,
But the only thing they will have, is the agony of defeat;
With His mighty sword in His hand, Christ wields it across the earth,
The Lord of Hosts has prepared for this, since the day of His birth;
So, have faith in the Lord, blessed people, and your souls He will save,
By forgiving you of your sins, and resurrecting you from the grave !

Pete C.
Utah State Prison