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Spiritual Recovery Correspondence Course 

Image Our Spiritual Recovery Correspondence Course is based upon the surrendering of your will and life over to the care of God. The act of forgiveness is central to our program. Through the application of the 12 Steps and the Workbook Lessons of A Course in Miracles, you will learn to release thoughts of anger, fear and guilt. In time, you will find yourself happier and more at peace within yourself, simply by following the guidelines of the program.


What It Is

The 12 Step Program is a divinely inspired manner and method of recovery from the fatal disease of addiction. The program allows you to continue to examine yourself, having determined that you no longer want the consequences of remaining addicted. This program includes ALL addictive thinking which impairs and destroys lives.

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is a direct communication from God through Jesus Christ, which reveals the manner in which your false idea of separation from God is and was healed. ACIM teaches you how to allow for the undoing of your false identity (self-will) so that what you are IN TRUTH may be revealed. This is accomplished through your dependence on God.

This Spiritual Recovery Course is based upon these two programs of recovery and includes all aspects of the healing of your situation. You have been living with the consequences of drug use (including alcohol) and you are suffering the pain of guilt, loneliness, and jail or prison. In your admission that, "I don't want this anymore, Help!" a new and miraculous solution becomes available.

You can change your mind about who you are, not as society defines you, but in a new discovery of yourself. This dawning of a new Self can take place behind the walls of a prison or anywhere. Only the willingness to change and be God-dependent is required.

Your Spiritual Recovery depends on your admission and acceptance that you have
one problem - your addiction and one solution - stop using.

Alone, this is an impossible task for the addictive mind - it requires the miraculous solution of God-dependency. The freedom of God-dependency will become a reality for you in your dedicated practice and application of the Workbook Lessons of A Course In Miracles, and in doing the Steps of the 12 Step Program. We at MPM will sponsor and guide you throughout this Course.

How It Works

This Correspondence Course will demonstrate that it is possible for you to undergo an experience in your mind that will show you a new reality of freedom, peace and joy based on Eternal Life, as a replacement of the false condition of pain, sickness, and death in which you find yourself.

The fundamental admission that, "I can't do this alone," and the inevitable discovery that, "I don't have to," contains the answer, as it is an intense declaration that you need help beyond yourself, and that this Help is available. Both A Course In Miracles and the 12 Step Program help you realize that the root of your problem is separation (self-will), and your answer is contained in the recognition of where help is found - in GOD. We call this "God-Dependency."
Why You Need It

Are you happy? Do you like where you find yourself? Are you having a good time? Would you like things to be different? The healing that is possible through this program will benefit you and your loved ones, as the cycle of addiction and imprisonment is resolved, whether you are behind "bars" or imprisoned solely in your mind.

You must finally begin to feel the frustration of being captive in your body and condemned to lose the things you love. In truth, you don't have to be; the choice is yours! If you are willing, this Course will direct your attention to the fact that there must be an alternative to all of this. It offers a practical, step-by-step method for you to experience the passion, freedom, joy and beauty that constitute your natural heritage as a perfect Creation of God.

Who May Participate

Anyone who is in prison or jail or who has a friend or family member in prison or jail may participate in MPM's Spiritual Recovery Correspondence Course.

How To Enroll

Please Contact Us to receive Section One of the Spiritual Recovery Course.