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Letters of Appreciation

Thank you…..from Kelly

ImageThe first 45 years of my life, I lived without asking God into it. And the road eventually led me to addiction, to the loss of a career I loved and to the loss of my freedom.

Upon my initial revocation, I was given a sentence of 3 years of incarceration. Over two years into my “bit”, I was at a minimum work release center approximately 8 months from going home. I had a great job. A good room. I was comfortable looking forward to my release.

One summer day, I was devastated to find a legal letter in the mail informing me that the District Attorney had filed new drug charges on me and I was facing a total of more than an additional 66 years of prison time. I was scared. Perhaps more than I had ever been in my life. Not only for the amount of time I was facing but also because I didn’t want to lose all the advances I had made thus far. I dreaded getting sent to a county jail and then back to a medium security prison. After all, there is a big difference in liberties and advantages between a minimum and a medium security prison.

I tried, at first, to hide the news I had received although, after a few days, I knew I had to tell somebody. So I asked to see the prison Chaplain. I explained my fears to him. I asked him to show me how to pray and to pray with and for me. A Prayer to ease my fears. The Chaplain left and I went back to work. But I had decided to still hide my current problem from the Staff. Not more than an hour later I was paged to the Social Worker’s office. When I got there, she told me she was aware of the pending charges. Contrary to what I had been afraid of; she assured me that I could stay there without being sent to the County Jail. She was also comforting and supportive. The first Miracle leading to my Spiritual Awakening had occurred.

After my initial appearance in court, my custody rating was increased to medium. Something I had come to terms with and accepted. Upon my transfer to New Lisbon Correctional Institute, I still had the next hurdle; the mountain to overcome. I decided to not only seek spiritual help and prayer but help with my addiction as well. It was at N.L.C.I. that I found the “Away Out” Program. My second Miracle.

A couple of months into the Program, I felt closer to God than I had ever been before in my life. I was able to pray with confidence. I was able to say that I am truly the Holy Son of God. I began to understand that there was an alternative way of thinking with God and his love. I felt I could conquer the addiction that ruined my life and rebuild it. Although I was feeling better about myself I still struggled with the fear from the mountain I still had before me. At one point, shortly before my sentencing, I asked Michael for a note to introduce to the judge to show my involvement with the”A Way Out” Program. He agreed and I picked it up the day before I was taken to court.

I gave the letter to the attorney and he gave a copy to the judge just before my appearance before him. As I stood before the judge I was all too aware that what was the rest of my life was in his and God’s hands. I was more terrified than I had ever been in my life. Because for all intents purposes, I knew I was going to be spending more, if not many more years in prison.
As this judge was determining the direction of my life, I distinctly remember hearing him acknowledge my involvement in the “A Way Out” Program and my acceptance of my need for God dependency to stay healthy and free of addiction. He and God then blessed me with the opportunity to go home and rebuild my life. Without a doubt, my third Miracle.

Kelly S.
New Lisbon

Hello MPM,

I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU for your introduction package that I just received!! It really warmed my heart and the booklet "Jesus is Praying" means a lot to me! Especially the prayers dealing with meditation. I really appreciate them and will be incorporating them into my personal prayers now ! Also, the small "hello" handwritten from Susie really touched my heart. THANK-YOU!
Again, I must thank you so much for my brighter outlook on life.
God Bless You.

Charles King

Dear Miracles Prisoner Ministry,

…I am in the process of getting my GED and once I complete that, I will apply for financial aid to College. I honestly believe that my purpose is to become a peer educator for HIV and AIDS. I also am very interested in becoming a Substance Abuse Counselor.
….it is an honor to be able to tell my story not just to you, but to many. I am sure my story will save souls and lives from the disease of addiction.

ImageWhen I was 13 years of age I ran away from home cause I was being sexually abused by one of my older brothers. My parents were Christian and my father was a Deacon. I was raised in Church. When I tried to tell my parents that my older brother was doing those sexual acts to me they didn't believe me. My family was a middle class family who was suppose to be Christian. However they were very dysfunctional and my father told me I was never to speak to anyone that my own brother was having sex with me.

I ran away and I hated my family. I ran to the streets. I then begin to prostitute for money to survive the streets. By the time I was 16 years old I was drinking alcohol and using street drugs. By the time I was 18 I was in and out of jail for various crimes to support my drug habit. By the time I was 25 I was not using Crack Cocaine. I also had been in and out of Mental institutions for major depression and suicide attempt. When I was 31 I was in the Wayne County Jail and was tested for HIV. Rev. Joan, the test came back positive and I now have the AIDS virus from prostitution and street drugs.

At that point I then began to curse the day I was born and I hated the world and I didn't believe there was a God who love me cause if he did he would have given me a better chance at life. When I was 36 I came to prison and I made the decision to seek God for strength cause I was emotional bankrupt.

I then began going to NA, AA and a drug treatment. I finally realized that it was by the grace of God that my life had been spared for all these years. I had turn my back on him and myself. I then learned that it was time to face my issues and stop running from the true reality of who I am. Only then will I find and fulfil my purpose in life.
Rev. Joan….I can tell you this, I am no longer ashamed of God or myself. I came to accept who I am. I no longer blame my brother nor my family, in fact I have forgiven them.

Yes, when I came to prison I was rescued and I plan to write a book on my life story. I also know and found my purpose in life that will help others just like me. Im enjoying the change woman I am and I know God loves me now. God bless you.


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Prince, as you can see I'm incarcerated in prison, I saw a movie about "How it Works", that was made at your Healing Center and I was interested in a lot of things the speaker said, and also what the other people in the group said also. I've been in and out of prison for the last 15 years because of using drugs. I am 40 years old and I'm tired of these walls.

What got me is that I saw the gratitude those people showed for having another chance at life. That's what I want. I want to be happy, I could see the joy they felt, I felt good just looking at them, those are the type of people I want to socialize with. I've been in several drug centers and still I got out and used, all because I was not ready to stop. I need to write someone who understands how I feel. I am a recovering addict, but I am a Christian also, anyone with positive input to help me stay clean. I'll be waiting for your reply.

P.S. I hope this is my miracle.

Dear MPM:

I wanted to say thank you very much for the stuff you sent me its so good to hear from you, you put a smile on my face. It seems lately I've been smiling a lot. I know the Holy Spirit is at work on me… I can feel it working. I love the colorful stuff you sent, it was cool. I like the tapes you sent because I can lay back and enjoy them, they make me think about a lot of stuff-I know it is working for me. Can you please send me some more to listen to.


Dear Ones from MPM:

The materials you sent arrived in tonight's mail. What a blessing to know I can never, ever say no one cares about me. Your grace in giving your love via the materials and your note to me forever prohibits me from feeling isolated or alone in this environment. What a gift you've given me. Thank you.
I am an apt and diligent student and I will systematically and step by step go through the materials and course work.

I can without hestitation tell you I still would like to receive the book, A Course in Miracles Workbook. Until you are able to send it I will engage myself daily in what you have already promised.
Truth remains truth. It always remains the same. It is immutable, changeless, constant. Look always for only that which is changeless, for therein is the truth.

True transmission of anything comes through openness and receptivity of the one transmitted too and the one transmitting. Where there is no openness or receptivity there will be no transmission. I open myself to you and what you have to offer through my humbleness of asking you for what you have to offer me.

Know you are with me in thought and prayer and that I am with you in Spirit. Thank you for your friendship and love.

Dear Friends:

I hope this finds you all well. I received your welcome letter. It's a great encouragement for me to know I am not alone in this.

I have been diligently doing the workbook lessons. Some seem to bring up more resistance than others. The resistance seems to arise on dealing with my thoughts. I find myself analyzing what I'm thinking. I return to the idea to regain being centered.

I feel a sense of closeness with God that is different than I'm used to, almost a deep intimate relationship. I feel more emotions arise during prayer. I've been reading a passage out of Jesus is Praying booklet. The prayer seems to fill in exactly what I need. It's amazing how God works.

My ultimate goal is Love. It is a saddening thought that I have not succeeded at anything. I have always admired the innocence of a child. I want to feel again sincere love and not fear controlling me. I've been conditioned to think the way I do and now I want to condition my thoughts based on love and acceptance.

Thank you for the support.
God bless,

Dear MPM:

Hello! Thank you for your letter, materials and kind thoughts.
Indeed it is amazing how much room in time I have to replace the system of thought with Love where that of fear perpetuates. Thank God for this opportunity. We (Erin and I) participate with the Workbook and materials daily, and we motivate each other in the practices.

Sometimes we stay on a lesson for two days. So you have any thoughts on that?

I find each moment being calmer and more content in this growth. When I do reflect on the past or intend for the future, it is my commitment to release judgment as much as possible and to be joyful and grateful, as God has the best interest in His Mind, even though I don't see it (maybe a few moments here and there).

Again, I appreciate the teamwork and love involved in such a project as this and God bless you all!


Dear New Christian Church of Full Endeavor:

I want to thank you for sending me the introductory package of the 12 Steps and the Course in Miracles. I have been giving your address as well as spreading the word to other inmates about your program. What I have read so far is great and I am very much looking forward to learning more as time goes on.

Please continue to send me further literature. I really do appreciate people like you who can help so many to help themselves. Thank you for your time and interest.
God Bless You All.

I am the Light Within and In Christ,

Dear Fellow Christians:

Hello, I am writing to see if you would please send me some free material on your 12 Steps and A Course in Miracles Book, Side by Side. I would like to be a part of your Spiritual Recovery Program and work these steps.

I am currently incarcerated in a Florida Womans Prison and I am enrolled in a Tier IV Drug Program that lasts 13 months. They have taken away the God out of this Program here. Which I feel is very wrong because God almighty is my Higher Power and if it wasn't for His mercy and Grace, I would not be writing this letter now. I am a recovering alcoholic and I used crack cocaine which is why I am here.
I need help and I want to change my life. After reading some material, a lady here had from your "a miracle prayer", Jesus is Praying, and the 12 Steps and A Course in Miracles, Side by Side, I am sustained by the love of God. I had the need put in my heart to write your ministry. I'd love to have this introductory package myself. There are a couple other women in here interested in working the lessons of A Course in Miracles. Also I will put their names for you to write also. It would be great if we could all work here together.

Thank you so much for your consideration. God Bless.

Your sister in Christ,